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No Income Verification Rental Property Loans

We use the potential market rental income of the investment property to qualify you for purchase or refinance. No current lease necessary.

About Our No Income Verification Rental Property Loans

We use the potential market rental income of the investment property to qualify you for purchase or refinance. No current lease necessary.

  • No income verification: Seasoned investors benefit from a hassle-free process without the need for income verification or submission of current property leases.
  • Simple qualification: We offer property qualification based on rental income, ensuring a simple process. Additionally, our No-Doc Program allows for qualification even without rental income.
  • We close fast: Our streamlined document collection process, which doesn’t require income or lease documents, means we can close on your investment property purchase or refinance swiftly.

Features and Guidelines

Loan Amount Range

Offering loans from as low as you need, up to a maximum of $3 million.

Credit Score Requirement

All you need is a 660 credit score.

Property Types

Single family homes, condos, townhomes, or 1-4 unit properties.

Vacation Rentals

We can lend on VRBOs.

Bridge Loans

We can provide short-term, interest-only loans for 24 months.

You Choose Your Title Preference

You can close in your name or as an LLC.

We've worked with thousands of happy customers.

Rebecca Truscott
Rebecca Truscott
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Keith and his team were excellent to work with, and truly went above and beyond to ensure I was getting the best rate on my mortgage. In the age of digitization, it was certainly tempting to just use an online marketplace to price shop rates and find the best lender, however Lewis Financial was able to use their deep knowledge and market experience to help me beat any rate that was presented to me online (and was actually way more efficient than any online marketplace I looked into). I would highly recommend Lewis Financial to anyone looking to purchase or refinance their home!
Robert Donahue
Robert Donahue
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We have worked with Keith for over 20 years. His knowledge of the various loan products, interest rates and terms, lenders, and the local real estate market is excellent. Keith has always been directly involved in the loan process and has provided sound advice in helping to evaluate the best loan features and rates to meet our needs. Keith has always gone above and beyond in representing our best interests with lenders and we highly recommend him.
Kimberly Ann Koziara
Kimberly Ann Koziara
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I 100% recommend Lewis Financial Mortgage. Keith and Angela were nothing but a Godsend in the process of my home financing. First off, he locked in a great rate but kept his eye on the rates and when they dropped, so did mine - he seemed to always have my best interest in mind. It was a rather long and at times quite arduous process (at no fault of his) but he was always forefront with his professional assistance. Great communication! Keith knows what he is doing and is a top-notch mortgage professional.
Eric Thielemans
Eric Thielemans
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I recently completed mortgage financing through Lewis Financial, and I highly recommend their services. After one conversation, Keith hunted down the best loan program based on my situation and his industry knowledge, and locked in a great rate immediately. The extremely quick turnaround and responses provided by Keith and Angela made the process seamless. Having Keith personally follow up on questions I had about the home purchase, whether they were strictly related to the loan or not, shows his concern that clients are taken care of. Being out of state, having personal service on the ground in Michigan was invaluable. I certainly will recommend Lewis Financial going forward.
Richard Cantor
Richard Cantor
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I cannot say enough great things about Lewis Financial. Keith and Angela have now helped us secure two mortgages and complete several refinances, always at exceptional rates. Each time they have gone above and beyond to make sure we understood every step of the process and that our interests were first and foremost. They have always been prompt and patient when responding to our questions, and have been proactive about keeping us informed of opportunities to lower our current rate. Keith and Angela make the mortgage process simple and are truly a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Lewis Financial to anyone needing or refinancing a mortgage.

Great Program for Investors

You can buy as many rental properties as you want on this program.  So, you can ramp up your investment property portfolio as fast as possible.

No jumping through hoops by providing tax returns, W2s or leases on your current investment property portfolio.

White House Sunny Day
Single Family Home

Cash-out Refinances for Your Current Rental Properties?

Cash is king. If you need funds from your current rental properties, we can refinance your current properties for whatever your needs are. As a result, you’ll free up funds for repairs, maintenance, and the potential purchase of new investment properties.

Meet Keith Lewis.

I have been an entrepreneur in the mortgage biz since 1993 — I sold my first mortgage company along with its 73 employees in 1998 to a Virginia based Bank. I have closed more than 2.5 Billion in mortgage loans, so I understand every aspect of this industry. I will personally guide you through every step of the transaction, morning, noon, night and weekends.

Along with the mortgage biz, I am a seasoned real estate investor and have and currently own apartment buildings, rental homes and condos. I have a passion for real estate that is unwavering and look forward to imparting that knowledge to every borrower I speak with.

Last, I will guide you through every step of probably one of the most complicated and confusing transaction of your life.

Keith Lewis

Buying a Rental Property?

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